gratitude, #826-843.

826. hearing Alison’s voice on the phone yesterday morning, the afterward-luxury of five minutes’ crying in the women’s restroom stall before my doctor’s appointments

827. the staff at Dr. Lisa Hutto’s office, who are kind-beyond-belief

828. a day full of getting to the bottom of my sicknesses

829. debriefing over tuna sandwiches and Wavy Lays potato chips and coffee at Kenny and Cici’s

830. David and Bridget and Elizabeth, dear friends

831. Hardy and Mary Woods, who make my kids feel special

832. Judah: “I was happy when I Skyped on Joshua, but then I was sad because I missed him.”

833. my son is learning to put words to the sadness that is apart of this not-as-it-should-be world

834. the solace of the downtown public library: my happy place

835. a plethora of new books to be excited about: Food Rules, and A Visit From the Goon Squad, and Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy, and The Urban Homestead 

836. my husband and I in counseling together, step-by-step learning to love and understand one another in new ways

837. over-the-phone words of love and encouragement from my little brother

838. Oliver reaches for me!

839. Owen: “Julie, will you take me to go pee?”, “Julie, will you get me a drink?”, “Julie, will you take me in the pool?”

840. a.c. for this 108-degree weather

841. a spontaneous weekend trip to visit new friends

842. our family of four, safe and together

843. these bright-eyed goony birds:

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