gratitude # 690-710.

690. two mornings out this week and time alone to sit and breathe, thanks to my mom

691. a stack of new books to read

692. Barbara Kingsolver and Wendell Berry: just exquisite

693. treats brought from home … Skittles, M&M’s, brown sugar, vanilla extract, Goldfish, Seattle’s Best coffee, Sunmaid raisins …

694. dear friends who sent cards and letters and gifts for Judah and Amelie

695. showing my mom around our neighborhood

696. watching my mom chat and laugh and get to know my friends

697. Elizabeth Gaskell movie marathons every night this week while David’s out of town

698. David got to go to Turkey!

699. ¬†and he’s coming home tonight!

700. Judah to Colleen: “My daddy wrestles with me all the time.”

701. two kids who miss their dad like crazy

702. homemade bagels with “crem cheese”

703. cuddly baby Ada, who fills us all with delight

704. South Asian neighbors who cook food for my mom to try

705. introducing my mom in a culture where parents are honored and cherished

706. hot masala tea on the balcony

707. an afternoon at the mall: coffee, kids happy on the playground, my mom’s first bumpy auto rickshaw rides

708. Colleen, who dropped and picked Judah and Annie from school every day this week while the guys were gone

709. my mom’s encouragement in the exhausting everydayness of motherhood

710. my dad, who sent her to us

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