31 days: a writing project.

purposefulsimplicity-4Welcome to 31 Days! The above graphic is now in our blog sidebar, and you can click it any time for the list of posts. I’ll update it as the posts go live.

day 1: why purposeful simplicity?

day 2: the outside noise of purposeless busyness

day 3: a good thing turns bad

 day 4: the best advice

day 6: living within my purpose

day 7: the outside noise of media

day 8: podcasts

day 9: the inside noise of pleasing people

day 10: the inside noise of performance

day 11: only in the gospel

day 12: home study

day 13: church noise

day 14: godly grief

day 15: take a deep breath

day 16: a home you want to spend time in

day 17: a letter to baby #3

day 18: it doesn’t have to be perfect

day 19: today

day 20: purposeful housekeeping

day 21: finding rest

day 22: simple parenting

day 23: community

day 24: a day off

day 25: live deep

day 26: the zoo

day 27: purposeful simplicity is knowing my place

day 28: purposeful simplicity is learning who I am

day 29: purposeful simplicity is spending time with jesus

day 30: simple bible study

day 31: resources for purposeful simplicity

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