saturday gratitude.


1. a morning at the Farmer’s Market and grocery shopping, all by myself!

2. a chance to talk to interesting people without interruptions from my people

3. the transformation of downtown Columbia over the last 5 years that we’ve been back (how has it been 5 years?)

4. Amie’s bedroom is finished! And she is so happy.

5. we are so, so close to being done with our house project … just a few more items left

6. when I clean the blanket of construction dust from our floors and furniture and books, I remember how easy I have it compared to my friends living in India

7. finding peace with my lack of a summer schedule

8. a family beach day at Isle of Palms last week


9. my friend Kelly rescued me from my frazzled state by giving me a simple plan for our kids and chores

10. an afternoon tea date with my dad

11. my kids listening to audio books (currently playing on Audible: Misty of Chincoteague, The Silver Chair, Ramona Quimby, Age 8, Poppy)

12. learning to say “I’m sorry” more often

13. I’ve begun to keep an actual list in my bullet journal of “Things my kids are doing right.” It’s embarrassing to have to make such a list, but it really transforms the way I see them

14. I can learn to be patient with myself and my sin

15. training myself to say, “This is a great day,” no matter what is happening and how I feel

16. friends who stop me to ask, “How is your anxiety doing with the crowds at church this summer?”

17. kitchen helpers


18. feeling the energy to begin planning next school year

19. slow Sunday afternoons at the pool with Kenny and Shari and the boys

20. we leave tomorrow for New Smyrna Beach!

21. a chance to spend time with friends we see just once a year

22. listening to Gabe and Noah tell the things they’re looking forward to about vacation. They’ve found their place in our family traditions, and I see their faces light up with the joy of it.

23. people who give very specific encouragement, saying “I see this growth in you” or “I see this growth in your kids.” Wanting to do the same for others

24. friends who love the same books I do

25. friends who love absolutely different books that I do, hearing why they enjoy what they do

26. kids who are best buddies


2 thoughts on “saturday gratitude.

  1. I love this Julie! Would you be willing to share the simple plan and chores that your friend gave you for the kids?? We just had our first day of summer at home yesterday, and I’m already feeling a bit frazzled…

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