“Particularization” is a fancy Presbyterian word for when a church moves from being a mission church to being a fully organized church with elders and deacons. We had a service two weeks ago celebrating CPC’s particularization.

And it was truly a celebration. I was overwhelmed looking out over a sea of faces I love, some old friends and some new, thanking God for how many people worked and prayed and gave to help make this dream a reality.

From day one things have raced along at an incredible speed, and I suppose that’s a good thing in that we haven’t had half a chance to settle down and grow comfortable. And now we’re looking to the future, to the three church planting families we’re sending out: to east Lexington, to Orangeburg, SC, and to Southeast Asia.

Starting a church is not easy, just as pastoring it now is not, but there is nothing like this experience of being on a team which is also a family, working as one toward a common goal that’s so much bigger than us. We’ve seen God do incredible things in the last year and a half, and we fully expect that He’ll do many more. I feel deeply honored to play a small part.












All photos by Ashley Nicole Photography

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