monday gratitude.

33. Rainbow Rowell’s novels
34. the smell of a freshly opened English Breakfast teabag
35. road trip to Ikea with Shari
36. fall colors outside my window
37. a day that’s warm enough for open windows
38. our elders and deacons and pastors officially voted in yesterday
39. the load it takes off David’s shoulders to have help
40. staying on top of the laundry
41. fire pits
42. planning a book and tea club
43. Dinner: A Love Story (this would make a great Christmas gift)
44. Boundaries
45. a new crochet project
46. not traveling for Thanksgiving
47. mapping out my contribution to Thanksgiving dinner
48. all of our adoption expenses are raised!
49. we’re one week closer to meeting our baby

3 thoughts on “monday gratitude.

  1. This is a beautiful list, and praise God for your expenses all being raised!! Was just praying for your baby the other day and I can’t wait for him/her to be in your arms! Happy Thanksgiving, friend 🙂

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