The boys are home safe and sound, and we hit the ground running today:

1.  We started school!

David and I sat down last night to have a look at Week One (there is really almost zero prep work . . . everything is planned out for you), then this morning, after swim class, we gathered in the school room for our first day.

It was brief and simple and involved mostly reading books aloud, and my heart just melted watching David cuddled in the Reading Corner with our kids.

2.  Priya came back to us after a week off, and boy, am I ever happy!

3.  David had his consultation this morning for tomorrow’s knee surgery (for a torn meniscus), so we took a family trip to the hospital to keep him company.  The kids love going because there’s a Cafe Coffee Day in the hospital, where they get to pick out a treat.

They also loved the fact that it was Daddy who had to get a “shot” today, and not them.

4.  I was going to take David to the hospital at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow, but, I am sick with a sinus infection.

I am more thankful than I can express for our friends, who offered to drop everything and take care of us this week.

So, Jonathan will take David for his surgery, Priya will take the kids to play at her house for the day, and I will . . . rest.

The operation is out-patient and should be simple, but David has to have general anesthesia, which as you know will make the day more difficult.  Hopefully it will be quick and he’ll be home by the afternoon.

5.  I found out about another ENT specialist in our city, who is U.S.-trained, so I am hoping to get in for an appointment with him this week.  You can pray that God will help us know what to do next for my health.

6.  It’s only Monday afternoon, and it’s already been quite a week!

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