guy day at the congaree.


Dictated by Judah

Last week I got to take the day off school to go on an adventure.

When we were riding, me and Dad talked about the Bible and life. We talked about the book of Mark which I just finished the day before our adventure.

We were riding to our hike that we have never been to. We got a little confused finding it, but soon John texted us and then we knew where to go. When we started our walk, it was leafy and a little downhill until Dad marked a little trail and then we kept walking. There was a little stream that was deep, we walked by it and Dad said, “Always keep the stream on your right.”

We found a little branch and we realized the stream ended here. When we looked around, it looked like there had been a forest fire, but everything felt wet. We ate some cookies while we were taking a little rest, then we went back and kept exploring.


My favorite thing was that I had to lead Dad back to the trail he marked, but we realized the sticks that he put there were gone! Dad didn’t know if that was the right tree. There was a tree that fell down across the river, we crossed it and went back to the other side. I had a little trouble though.

My least favorite part is that we almost got lost, plus we had to go to three different places because some areas were flooded. And then we thought about going home, but Dad said we could stop for lunch. I had pizza and he had salad. Then we went to the library; he picked out two books and I picked out one book, a Lego Star Wars: Attack of the Clones.

Then we were done with our adventure. We went home and I took a bath, then I began play time with Amie.

And that was me and Dad’s amazing adventure, just him and me together.


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