gratitude, #762-781.

762. a nighttime auto ride through the city: happy alone-ness in a sea of people

763. Friday evening with a sweet group of friends . . . sipping hot tea, idea-sharing, and praying together.  Balm for my soul.

764. Maggie’s reminder that we’ve been friends for three years now, and I’m full of wonder at the passage of time, and the gift of a friendship forged in laughter and tears and forgiveness.

765. friends I can be myself with

766. a pantry full of gluten-free food, sent from loved ones in the States

767. gluten-free banana bread for breakfast and a peanut-butter-and-honey sandwich for lunch and homemade tomato basil soup and flatbread for dinner . . . comfort food again, at last!

768. Judah, tasting said tomato soup: “I feel like I’m dying.”  Sigh.

769. Judah words: “marvels” (marbles), “that’s a-sgusting!!!” (that’s disgusting), “brek-thiss” (breakfast)

770. Amie words: “yayter” (later), “fays” (toys), “stoop” (scoot), “bax-it” (basket)

771.  Judah’s belly laugh during the first five minutes of the new Winnie-the-Pooh movie

772. these kids, who are alive, who are healthy, who bring us delight every single day

773. a haircut at my favorite salon (thank you, Manoj!):

774.  the puzzle and fun of learning another language

775. “aha” moments that explain some aspect of this culture

776. our teacher, Neetu, feisty and fun, who bucks against traditional views of women in her society and demands more.

777. Priya, who makes language-learning possible (as well as a lot of other things)

778. Priya took care of us all during these last two weeks of sickness

779. sunshine every day in our city

780. coffee is gluten-free

781. this little diva:

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    1. No Mom, I go to UB City now. I’ve been next door to check things out and it is very nice but way overpriced. $22 for a pedicure as opposed to $8 at UB City! That’s where we’ll go next time you come.

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