gratitude #673 – 689.

673. piling in the car for a family trip to the doctor

674. Judah “taking the break of school” to be with us today

675. toys and cartoons in the hospital waiting room

676. a new doctor for me to try

677. McDonald’s right next to the hospital: sitting eating chicken nuggets and fries in the cool breeze of the patio

678. visits from Maggie and Colleen and Deepakshi which brighten my day; their offerings of red flowers and cookies and dinner

679. finishing Bleak House on my Kindle and wanting to start at the beginning again

680. Charles Dickens, whom I never get tired of

681. books to keep me company in the long hours

682. phone calls from my mom

683. learning to make Deepakshi’s jeera rice

684. neighbors who are concerned about us

685. Amie’s new nickname for me: “Moms”

686. an at-home date with David tonight: cookies, a movie, and Phase 10

687. keeping our sense of humor

688. “It’s in praising a Savior in all things that we are saved from discouragement in all things . . . Doesn’t it always come down to just two ways to do life?  Do doxology — or do destruction.” – Ann Voskamp

689. knowing I’m right where I am supposed to be

4 thoughts on “gratitude #673 – 689.

  1. Praying for you and David. Thankful that you are able to find gratitude in the middle of all the pain and frustration.
    “I love God’s symmetry of trouble and mercy. Troubles for every day (Matt. 6:34). Mercies for every morning (Lam. 3:23).” ~John Piper

  2. This is such a blessing to see your blessing. Know you are loved and our prayers continue to be with you and your family. Julie I was recommended a book titled “1000 gifts”. Have you read this book?

    1. Thanks so much dear Anna. We miss you guys a ton. Yes, I own “1,000 Gifts” and love it — you should definitely read it. Give Sully a kiss for me!

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