gabe is 4!


Gabriel is four years old today!

I’m feeling a little sentimental about it, wishing I could hang on to three just a little longer. He’s growing so much, learning new skills each day. I love the way his face lights up when he sees me, that he hollers out “Mommy!!!” across the library, and crawls into my lap to cuddle.

We had a little birthday party for him at the lake on Saturday, with our family, birth mom, birth mom’s boyfriend, and birth grandma. Gabe was thrilled with his presents and “Mikey cake” (thanks Shari!). He and Noah loved the water and sand so much that I think there will be many more lake trips this summer.

We love you, sweet boy! You are so incredibly brave and bring joy to so many people. You’re one of God’s best gifts to us!

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